Sorry I’ve been away for what seemed to be an eternity! 8D I am just super busy with all the fun things atm (like thesis for example…can’t get more jolly than that!)

Anyway here is a little snipplet fro mthe portfolio i am working on to bring to CTNx this november!! Enjoy!8)

The third season left me satisfied and heart broken. I want to do some proper fanart but I have no spectacular ideas hahaha ughh

She is either a mermaid or a drunk lady 8D

For seven days of color! i am so late because i rendr? Hahaha foe the green day i give the wicked witch inspired by 1800’s fashion!8)

Trying to capture a different more realistic style. It’s really fun to start painting and then just loose yourself in it. Music helps to of course though I heard music engages the same part of brain as does drawing, so take care to not loose focus too much!

A bit late to the party I am…!

Half demon face u’d see on your stroll through hell! Haha

Doing some sketching. I am still intimidated to try and tackle a fully rendered picture but I wanna tryyyy

Reposts from instagram! (@rukavishkaa) did two studies today. God I love Sargent!

Frau holda for sketch dailies!! Better late than never!

I have been listening to Wicked nonstop today. I love it so much omfg. I think popular is one of my faves…along every other track hahahaha!

One of the late ones for @sketch_dailies ! It was such a relaxing process to just paint without thinking (oreos might or might not have been a factor)

Merlin prompt for @Sketch_dailies on twittah! Loved paitning his ears and nose ;u;! 

Merlin prompt for @Sketch_dailies on twittah! Loved paitning his ears and nose ;u;! 

You bettah believe it!

Watched Paranorman the other day. Loved it to bits, except for the last scene… It kind of bothered me that she needed to accept what happened to her, just because good is good. I mean… I don’t know, man. If I were her I don’t think I would.

I went people watching today with friends! These are some of the doodles from the time. You can see the rest on my blog (link in the sidebar!)